Hello Dr. Gonz is…

Hello Dr. Gonz is the ‘hat’, where I put all my sound and music projects
Hello Dr. Gonz is an ambient Alter Ego
Hello Dr. Gonz my sonic playground

Soundscape_Aarhus#01-12’er fra Viby torv

The soundscape ‘12’er fra Viby torv’, is a mosaic of streets and neighborhoods in Aarhus, based on old bus lines. I’m trying to paint a sonic picture of Aarhus from the past, highlighting how soundscapes disappears from the urban ambience, just like demolished buildings disappears from the architecture.

This soundscape is 1 of 4, from the project ‘Lyden af Aarhus/The sound of Aarhus’ – read and listen her

Video: From a hung mans head

From a session recorded with Jose Saluzzi, Juan Fracchi and Ulrik Bisgaard as backing. The track is one my country songs, ‘From a hung mans head’

Video for my song ‘En følsom dreng’ from the album Hygler.
Stream all song from Hygler here

Your truly
/Søren Ipland – aka Hello Dr. Gonz