Let’s send elephants to Mars… No wait!


The sounds on Mars are very low frequent, meaning that the human ear can’t hear most of it. So we don’t know what the Marsians may be telling us, for all we know they could be singing a song to welcome us, share a mating ritual, or just telling us to piss off.

But! An elephant can hear very low pitch sounds, they can even ‘hear’ vibrations thru’ their feet. So why not send a couple of elephants to Mars!


One thing though! What if the Marsians thinks the elephants rules earth, I mean it would make sense with their size and all. What if the elephants tell the Marsians that we are just the driver, I mean we can’t hear it do the low pitch sounds. What if they become friends and tell the Marsians, that we eat their there fellow species, and poob, in what mostly looks like a giant old school telephone… Wait a minute, maybe not the best idea after all!


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