Voicescape – 16 Languages

My Voicescape is the sound of words from in 16 languages, where women and men say a list of words in their native tongue.

The list of spoken words: The name of the street, town and country where they grew up. And the words: Love, Hate, Passion, The Earth, The sun, Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, My Body, My Mind, Eyes, Ears, Lips, Kiss, I love you

The nationalities represented are Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary, Philippines, Egypt, Estonia, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Serbia, Somalia, Albania.

The Voicescape, 16 Languages. Enjoy! 🙂

The idea came to me on a trip to New York city, where I was walking the streets of Manhatten, listening to all the languages represented. All of a sudden I heard my native language, making me pay extra attention and try to hear what the people where saying. Somehow I was shortly connected to these people, only through a couple of words. Maybe you know that feeling

But when I carried on my walk through the streets if NYC, I was thinking about the massive amount of stories, feelings and emotions, spoken around me, stories I didn’t understand, due to language barriers. I guess it’s the ‘Tower of Babel’, pointed out the the street of NYC. It made me think of all the emotions surrounding me, emotions that I did not understand. But it also started a journey of listening to languages, not to understand the spoken meaning, but to listen as if it was music, ‘an emotionally expression’ of sound

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