A struggling artist

I have just finished reading an article written by a practitioner. The article was about his love for art, or so I thought. The article was very short, but still he managed to mention more than a couple of times, how cheap he has bought different pieces of art. Apparently price is very essential for this doctor. Most doctors in Denmark earn 3 times more than the average salary, not minimum, average salary! One of the main art pieces written  about in the article, was a self portrait of a man struggling cancer while in chemotherapy. Everything is apparently an object for financial interest, sorry not interest, he did mention he got it cheap. 

In the article the practitioner writes that he, as a doctor, have contacted artists with the purpose of buying their art pieces. He offers them 130 euros. The pictures he bought, was to be hung in a public domain, in a hospital. The 130 euros does not even cover expenses for materials when making a panting. The money spent was funded, the entire funding was about 6500 euros. This amount is presumably what a doctor like the one in the article, earns in 2-3 weeks. He gots 40-50 pictures from his offer, and he hungs the art pieces in rooms around the hospital. I guess the panting are worth more than 130 euro, but he is not cheating anybody, he is properly considered a good businessman.   

Is this man wrong? Well he is not doing anything wrong, according to the law. Ethically then, in spending funds on underpaying artists? Well they sold them to him, by their own free will. I guess more interesting is, does not being wrong, according to the law means that it’s right, or maybe just alright. Or does it make it right, if everybody is doing it, even though we all know it’s wrong or unfair? 

So what has this to do with sound and music? Not more than sound and music being a form of art, just like painting. A thought: Maybe all artists should join forces and make a post capitalist society. But I guess we should be prepared, because capitalism is like an abusive husband, he can not live or do anything on his own, and will go to extremes, to regain control and power.  

Voicescape – 16 Languages

My Voicescape is the sound of words from in 16 languages, where women and men say a list of words in their native tongue.

The list of spoken words: The name of the street, town and country where they grew up. And the words: Love, Hate, Passion, The Earth, The sun, Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, My Body, My Mind, Eyes, Ears, Lips, Kiss, I love you

The nationalities represented are Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary, Philippines, Egypt, Estonia, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Serbia, Somalia, Albania.

The Voicescape, 16 Languages. Enjoy! 🙂

The idea came to me on a trip to New York city, where I was walking the streets of Manhatten, listening to all the languages represented. All of a sudden I heard my native language, making me pay extra attention and try to hear what the people where saying. Somehow I was shortly connected to these people, only through a couple of words. Maybe you know that feeling

But when I carried on my walk through the streets if NYC, I was thinking about the massive amount of stories, feelings and emotions, spoken around me, stories I didn’t understand, due to language barriers. I guess it’s the ‘Tower of Babel’, pointed out the the street of NYC. It made me think of all the emotions surrounding me, emotions that I did not understand. But it also started a journey of listening to languages, not to understand the spoken meaning, but to listen as if it was music, ‘an emotionally expression’ of sound

Let’s send elephants to Mars… No wait!


The sounds on Mars are very low frequent, meaning that the human ear can’t hear most of it. So we don’t know what the Marsians may be telling us, for all we know they could be singing a song to welcome us, share a mating ritual, or just telling us to piss off.

But! An elephant can hear very low pitch sounds, they can even ‘hear’ vibrations thru’ their feet. So why not send a couple of elephants to Mars!


One thing though! What if the Marsians thinks the elephants rules earth, I mean it would make sense with their size and all. What if the elephants tell the Marsians that we are just the driver, I mean we can’t hear it do the low pitch sounds. What if they become friends and tell the Marsians, that we eat their there fellow species, and poob, in what mostly looks like a giant old school telephone… Wait a minute, maybe not the best idea after all!