Hello Dr. Gonz

‘Hello Dr. Gonz’ is my artist alter ego and is inspireret by an Ralph Steadman poster. Hello Dr. Gonz is my ‘songwriters hat’. A hat I sometime wear literally, when working

Poster made by Ralph Steadman

The character on Ralph Steadmans poster, reminds me about the load we all are caring around, and that’s it’s not alway pretty. It reminds me that the world is sometimes scary, sometimes funny, sometimes both. It reminds me that the world can be colorful, jet feel black and white. It reminds me that the world can feel black and white, jet be colorful. It inspires me to wear my ‘songwriters hat’. It inspires me to work with simplicity, jet not to stop stroking the brush. It inspires me, that I’m not the only one, I’m not alone…

Yours truly
Søren Ipland