My Music

Upcoming concerts and events

30th of April: Køkken koncerter,
Solo concert on the old hospital in Odder/Vita park

7th of May: Private concert
Solo concert at ‘La Casa de Marie-Louise’ in Aarhus – Buy tickets here

Past events

16th of october: Tir na nog
Concert together with the jazz trio Saluzzi, Fracchi, Bisgaard

17th of October: ‘The sound of Aarhus’
Public speak with Anette Vandsø, Prof at Aarhus university, at Dokk1 in Aarhus (in danish)

29th of June: Street concert
In Prenzlauer berg, Berlin. Outside the Hat boutique, Hut.Berlin, just by Mauerpark. Starts around 16 o’clock



Just below is my country and western style project, with a lot of acoustic instruments. I’m releasing an album in the near future, with a full band setup.
But here’s a few tracks from the album, in an acoustic/busker version, as I would play them solo, in cafes, art exhibitions, home concerts, etc

I’ve performed this project on stage under the name ‘Sange fra Berlin’ (Danish), or ‘Songs from Berlin’



Hello Dr. Gonz

My first solo album ‘Hygler’, is out for streaming.
The lyrics are in danish, but hopefully you can still enjoy the over all musical experience, even without skills in the danish language

Here is a link to some of the more popular streaming services

‘Hygler’ contains 6 tracks

1. En skinger klang
2. Tor(dengud)
3. Sertralin
4. Elefantens vuggevise
5. Næseblod
6. En følsom dreng

The word ‘Hygler’ is a compilation of the danish words for ‘Hypocrite’ and ‘Hygge’. When I wrote down ideas for the album title, I misspelled hypocrite (I’m dyslexic). In danish hypocrite is spelled ‘Hykler’ and I wrote Hygler, relating to the danish ‘hygge’, meaning to take it easy or to chill (in a conservative way). But it turned out that my freudian slip, could carry the album title just fine.

Hyg(ge) also meaning doing nothing, relaxing, just taken it easy and connected with Hykler/hypocrite… Well open for interpretation  

Lyrics and music by af Søren Ipland, aka ‘Hello Dr. Gonz’.
Music and vocal performed by Søren Ipland, with exceptions of varias  guitars-, bass lines – and synth-tracks, perform by Emil Vegeberg.
The album is produced and mixed by Emil Vegeberg.
Mastered by Civil Audio, Michel Briggs
Pictures and cover art, also for this website, is made by Marie Venø Thesbjerg.

Video for my song ‘En følsom dreng’ and Tor(dengud).
Idea for the film, editing and music by Hello Dr. Gonz. The film is recorded by Marie Venø Thesbjerg